About | Emma Semento


Emma Semento is a new fashion company, owned by Emma Gill, a business professional with more than 12 years of experience in purchasing and sourcing high-end luxury goods from around the world, working for a range of global brands.

After a family holiday to India, Emma returned home inspired by the both the entrepreneurial spirit of the country and the Asian fashion she fell in love with.

Sourcing top quality fabrics, each opulent outfit is finely crafted by artisans in India. Emma then adds her own personal touch with tweaks and alterations that appeal to the Western consumer. Despite a wealth of contacts made through years working with global fashion brands, Emma is determined to steer clear of the mass market and create bespoke couture.

While Emma’s success as a business professional is firmly cemented, it’s been far from an easy ride. Aged 19, she gave birth to her first child, got married and started her business degree in London all within two weeks. But nothing deterred her from her path.

Hard work and determination have certainly paid off and it’s an ethos that fuels her new business idea.

The aim of the brand is to allow hardworking, successful women to showcase their glamorous side in a way unique to them that is not available on the high street or in the mass marketplace.

The unique selling point of the business is the quality of the products offered. Emma said: “I’m sourcing the products from India because of the work quality involved. The fabrics that you can get, the embellishments, the array of colours and attention to detail. And they’re all handmade.”

Our aim is to create unique and exclusive outfits using high quality fabrics mixed with exceptional designs.


“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”